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Watershed Plans

"Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan"

Environmental problems, such as nonpoint source pollution, often cut across media and political jurisdictions. Consequently, environmental mitigation and protection require a comprehensive and collaborative approach that works with a multitude of programs, departments and agencies. 

The watershed approach provides a framework for coordinating and integrating the myriad programs and resources. This approach directs the focus on water quality in a geographic area delineated by a watershed.  Watershed planning takes the watershed approach to the next level – the creation of a plan to assess and address water quality issues in a given watershed. 

These locally-led plans provide important information to citizens about the point and nonpoint source pollution impacting the water resources within a given watershed. Watershed planning is at the heart of successful water quality restoration and protection.

There are many plans already developed that can be drawn from as you develop the watershed plan that is unique to your watershed(s):

  • Comprehesive Land Use Plans
  • Hazard Mitigation Plans
  • Park and Recreation Plans

There are many tools available as well to assist with the planning process, including human resources for guidance and direction, as well as funding resources.

Watershed Planning Assistance

Watershed Planning Tools

Watershed Assessment and Data Collection

Watershed Related Plans & 28E Agreements

Watershed Funding / Financial Resources

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