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Rainscaping Iowa

Rainscaping Iowa is an education / outreach AND training / certification program promoting infiltration based stormwater management practices on a statewide basis.

Rainscaping practices are identical to the practices found in the Iowa Stormwater Management Manual.  Our goal with the Rainscaping program is twofold:

  • Build awareness and understanding for rainscapes through education and outreach.  With that we've built the RainscapingIowa.Org website, we've got tons of publications that explain these practices in non-engineering terms, and we assist you in promoting these practices within your own community!
  • Provide quality training and a means to identify qualified professionals working throughout Iowa who are able to design and install rainscapes that function well after construction is complete through a certification process.

Rainscaping Pracitce Certification Designation

Native Landscaping / Native Turf

Rain Garden

Soil Quality Restoration

Designer and Installer

Certified Rainscaper Process

  • Register and view - the rainscaping practice(s) webinar in which you seek Certified Rainscaper status.  Registration fee for each webinar is $50 or all 3 for $130 (ISWEP Members $20 for each or all 3 for $50).
  • Schedule a test within 30 days of viewing the webinars.
  • Submit - membership application information, Code of Ethics and a $25 membership fee made payable to ISWEP.

Certified Rainscaper Benefits

Professional Recognition Your contact information is published on the Rainscaping Iowa website.  We are working with ISWEP members to utilize Rainscapers as it relates to new project development within our member communities.

Marketing Resources You have access to marketing resources, PowerPoint presentations, educational DVDs and more to market services to potential clients.

Networking Opportunities You are able to meet and learn from other Certified Rainscapers.

Rainscaping Iowa is supported by funding, time, and talent of its partners and stakeholders:  Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), Iowa Department of Agricultural and Land Stewardship (IDALS), Iowa Department of Economic Development (IDED), Iowa Department of Transportation – Living Roadway Trust (IDOT), Iowa Storm Water Education Program (ISWEP) and Polk Soil and Water Conservation District

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