2017 Stormwater Design Series - ALL Webinars

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2017 Stormwater Design Series - ALL Webinars

07/11/2017 at 11:30 AM - 12/12/2017 at 1:00 PM
2nd Tuesday of Each Month
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July Webinar  The Iowa Stormwater Management Manual with an emphasis on updates to Permeable Pavement Systems chapter.  Followed by a method allowing stormwater to infiltrate through impervious surfaces to an underground storage chamber below  – allowing regular concrete as permeable.  Speaker(s):  Joe Griffin, Iowa DNR, Nathan Gruver, PLS, ASLA, ISG, and Justin Nichols, Bio-Microbics

August Webinar  Think infiltration practices won’t work in tight, poorly drained soils?  Think again!  We’ll walk through the design criteria for practices placed in poorly draining soils where drain times are imperative to function and longevity.  Speaker:  Jennifer Young, Senior Water Resources Engineer, Stantec

September Webinar  Detention basin retrofits are making a real difference in Pennsylvania, but their efforts to improve existing structures did not happen without challenges.  The biggest takeaway from this webinar may be how not to retrofit, rather than how to!  They will share lessons learned – much needed as we move forward in Iowa with making detention do double duty – reduce peak flows while improving water quality.  Speaker:  Susan Myerov, Watershed Program Director, Pennsylvania Environmental Council

October Webinar  Measuring Green Infrastructure Impacts and [Maintenance] Costs, A Kansas City Case Study  Committed to improving water quality and alleviating flash flooding in older neighborhoods, the City of Kansas City will provide a detailed accounting of green infrastructure impacts and maintenance costs.  Was it worth easing the strain on gray infrastructure with a little green?  You decide as KC shares their data.  Speaker: Lisa Treese, RLA, LEED AP, Senior Landscape Architect, Overflow Control Program, KC Water

November Webinar  Urban fisheries and retention ponds – seems like a natural fit to us!  The IDNR’s Urban Fisheries Biologist will share what’s on the horizon in terms of new standards and specifications to ensure a healthy aquatic community in retention basins.  We’ll also hear from a local community who has embraced this concept – sharing the bottom line (costs) associated with doing so successfully.  Speaker:  Tyler Stubbs, Iowa Department of Natural Resources

December Webinar  Who says stormwater management has to be boring?  December adds a dimension to stormwater management absent in most project as we introduce an Integrated Aesthetic Design Approach or Artistic Engineering.  Balancing utility (hydrologic functionality) with amenity (attractiveness / value) is doable for those so inclined.  Also, napping may be involved - how can we go wrong?  Speaker:  Bruce Phillips, MS, PE, PACE Advanced Water Engineering

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