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Technical - people who can help with questions & concerns

ISWEP Members

Soil & Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) with active urban programming

Urban Conservationists, IDALS

Funding - programs that help with financing stormwater BMPs

A few communities offer a cost-share program (they pay for some of the cost, you pay for the rest) for those who want to install Best Management Practices (BMPs) that reduce stormwater runoff.   These programs are typically funded by the local stormwater utility.  Check with your Community Stormwater Department (or in some cases it is the public works or engineering department) to learn more.

Many SWCD offices offer a cost-share funding for those who want to install BMPs to reduce stormwater runoff.  This funding is typically channeled through the Iowa Department of Natural Resources REAP program or watershed improvement grants received by the district for both rural and urban folks.  Check with your local SWCD office to learn more.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has a State Revolving Loan for Non-Point Source Stormwater, which is a low-interest, long-term loan program to finance BMPs / projects approved by SWCD offices.  Another IDNR Program availalbe to Iowa communities is the Water Resources Restoration Sponsored Project funding.  Check with your local SWCD office to learn more.

Design - standards and specifications

Erosion & Sediment Control, SUDAS - Chapter 7

Stormwater Management, Iowa Stormwater Management Manual

General - information to share with others

Managing Stormwater In Our Community

Introduction to Rainscaping

Rainscape Your Watershed

International Stormwater BMP Database

National Stormwater Alliance (ISWEP is charter member of this new organization.)

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