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Flood Control Resources

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources regulates floodplain management in Iowa.  However, each jurisdiction in Iowa may have regulatory authority as well, check with your public works / engineering or planning department to verify where to start when working on a project involving the flood plain.

Flood Plain Development Permits

Flood Plain Mapping

National Flood Insurance Program 

The Iowa Flood Center provides real-time flood forecast mapping services for most of Iowa, they are also involved with watershed improvement projects.

The Iowa Flood Plain and Stormwater Managers Association has a couple of resources for communities and those involved with flood plain management:

The Community Rating System Toolkit

The Flood Response Kit

Certified Flood Plain Manager (CFM) Training / Testing

Iowa State University Extension has a library of videos that are short and informative - great resources to link to on your own webpage if you'd like to provide flood control education to residents and businesses alike.

Watersheds, rivers and floodplains:  ISU Extension - Flooding in Iowa Vidoe 5

Flood types:  ISU Extentsion - Flooding in Iowa Video 6

Factors affecting flooding:  ISU Extension - Flooding in Iowa Video 7

Flooding in Iowa:  Video Collection (21 in all)

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