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Watershed Resources

Tools You Can Use

Improving and protecting water quality while mitigating the liklihood of flooding can be accomplished when focusing on three areas:

Plans and in many instances these plans are already in place that outline how and where communities should grow - whether it is a comprehensive land use plan, hazard mitigation plan or park and recreation plan.  Each of these separate plans have information that can be used when developing a watershed management plan. 

Policies which consist of codes and ordinances that can and should be adopted to prevent water pollution and protect water quality.

Practices that can be adopted that reduce and control stormwater runoff.  Some practices are non-structural and include education and outreach - others are structural, like a rain garden or detention basin.

This area of the website is complete with the tools you need to take stormwater management one step further and begin to work, plan, regulate and adopt practices that work to improve and protect water quality on a waterhsed level.

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