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No matter if you are an individual looking to make the world a little better place, a community concerned with stormwater management, a business wanting to "green" your image or a contractor wanting to do the right thing, we ALL can make improvements that for better water quality in Iowa.  

Better water quality depends on adopting Best Management Practices or BMPs.  There are three BMPs categories and within each there are indivudial BMPs - In many instances, there are shared BMPs anyone can adopt.  In others, there are specific BMPs only a few can adopt:

PREVENT water pollution from being generated in the first place.

REDUCE the amount of stormwater runoff draining away.

DETAIN runoff as long as possible to reduce [flash] flooding downstream.

As the old saying goes...ACTION speakS louder than words!  Choose at least two BMPs from the "menu" specific to you and we're on our way to better water quality for ALL...

    BMP Menus

Individuals (living in homes, mobile homes or apartments)
Communities (communities large and small - includes BMPs for elected / appointed officials)
Businesses (commercial, industrial, institutional and apartment complexes)
Contractors (building & landscape, both contractors and sub-contractors)
Streets to Streams : No Treatment In-Between!
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