About Us - Iowa Stormwater Education Partnership

About Us

The Iowa Storm Water Education Partnership, is a member driven organization formed in 2004 to address the educational needs of cities and others impacted by federal stormwater regulations. Our members include:


Services have expanded over the years from member programming to include training and certification programs, technical services and workshop facilitation:


MS4 Program Members

  • Website that contains the information and resources needed to improve and protect water quality in Iow
  • Educational resources to assist members with their education and outreach needs
    • Newletter, resource toolbox and user guide with creative educational materials using various media designed for specific target audiences produed 3 times per year
      • ​Topics vary each meeting focusing on different target audiences
  • Cluster or regional training on a variety of topics for community members or municipal staff, or cluster training "credits" can be used to register for workshop and training programs conducted throughout the year
  • Networking opportunities with other community storm water professionals

Certification Programs

Technical Services

  • Ordinance development
    • Illicit discharge
    • Post Construction
    • Construction site runoff control
  • Watershed assessment plans
    • Water quality monitoring data analysis
    • Land use, watershed or action plans


Training, Workshop and Conferences

  • Iowa Water Conference
  • Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development
  • Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping
  • Fertilizer and Pesticide Management
  • Business & Industry
  • Meeting facilitation, based on individual needs
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